Solar Reflective Coating

Solar Reflective Coating (Sun Reflective Paint) – Are you searching for the best Solar Reflective Coating or Sun Reflective Paint that can help to cut your bills? If yes then you can contact Indian Insulation and Engineering. We are India’s leading brand trusted by Architects, Builders as well as Renovators.  We are offering you one of the best Solar Reflective Coating which has achieved more than 20 years of proven energy savings. The reason, why are the best is that all our paints are generally in light colours because they can reflect up to 70% of solar radiations.

Benefits of using Solar Reflective Coating ( Heat Reflective Coating)

  1. Reduced Air-Conditioned cost – One of the major benefits of our Solar Reflective Paint or Sun Reflective Paint is that it helps to reduced Air-conditioned cost. It reduces heat penetration from the roof and keeping the interior cool.
  2. Reduce the Heat – Because of its Sun reflective capabilities, it helps to reduce the heat build.
  3. Cool Roofing – As we mentioned earlier our Heat Reflective Paint system reflect fully up to 70% of solar heat by infrared reflection.
  4. Increase the lifetime of Roof – We provide excellent Heat Reflective Coating and Heat Reflective Paint services. They offer exterior durability as well as ultra-violet resistance. It helps to protect your roof from heat, water and dust. Thus, we can help you by reducing its maintenance cost and extends roof life.

Solar Reflective Coating

Sun Reflective Paint

Being the leading Paint Manufacturing and Suppling Company in India, Indian Insulation and Engineering is able to offer an extensive range of Solar Reflective Coating, Heat Reflective Coating that can offer complete protection against carbon dioxide penetration. However, all our coating process using top-quality ingredients as well as advanced technology in accordance with high-quality standards. Moreover, our clients can avail this Coating from us in various colours as per their desire.

Reasons to choose Heat Reflective Paint and Heat Reflective Coating from us –

  1. Environment Friendly
  2. Highly effective
  3. Cost-effective
  4. Safe packing
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