Commercial & Industrial Cool Roof Coating

Indian Insulation & Engineering are manufacturers of high quality industrial cool roof coating and roof insulation paint and have  applied COOLROOF® Coatings of about 900 million roof area on Industrial sheds for last 11 years.

Our range of product provides a seamless solution for protecting the roof and lowering the temperature within the area. Roof insulation Coating is used as a perfect industrial coating to reduce the solar heat flux inside the metallic or concrete Building. These coatings act as Thermal insulation barriers which stop the solar radiation before entering the roof.

These works on the principles of high solar Reflectance along with high thermal Emittance and has High SRI value and a acts as a replacement to all other roof insulation methods.

Protecting all type of roofs

Our products can be applied to both the commercial & industrial areas. They are designed to reflect sunlight from all types of roof, protecting the surface from becoming damaged by UV light. Our Coatings have Multiple applications of various types of roof like concrete, RCC, Metalic, Galvalum, GI and Asbestos roofs make its application convenient and fast.

Industrial Sheds whose roof temperature rises very high during peak summers due to excessive absorption of solar heat radiation can be considerably made cooler by application of these Coatings.

Why our roof coatings?

  • Our products are tested as per ASTM/LEEDS standards for green buildings
  • Eco-friendly properties
  • Roof Temperature can be reduced upto 20 degrees
  • Better insulation – reducing energy bills
  • Scientifically developed
  • Defence against all weathers
  • Adds value to your property

Contact us for any our professional help before you select the roof coating and insulation paint for your commercial or industrial building.