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COOLROOF® is a Heat Reflective Paint or Sun Reflective Paint with an SRI value of 122, tested as per ASTM/LEEDS standards for green buildings. COOLROOF® is a high SRI and high Albedo coating which can be applied on all types of roofs. It is a sun reflective paint and aims to reduce the roof temperature. It is a thermal insulating roof coating and which minimises the solar heat coming to the roof. It is one of the very few green building products approved by both green building bodies in India i.e GRIHA and IGBC for high albedo coatings. As an Insulation Coating, Its ability to reflect or resist heat on all roof surfaces such as RCC, Concrete, Metallic, Asbestos, GI, Galvalume Sheets, Pre-Coated roof sheets and Poly-flex.

Heat Reflective Paint & Heat Insulation Paint – Cool Roof Paint

It is a heat insulation paint and works as heat reducing paint which can be applied to all types of roof. The solar reflective coating property of It aims to achieve better heat reduction results. It is a thermal reflective paint & stops excessive solar heat to enter the roof.

Indian Insulation and Engineering is a manufacturer and supplier of COOLROOF® coating which is used as a summer cool paint, thermal insulation paint, waterproof coatings all over India. We specialize in roof heat solutions. Roof temperature can be reduced up to 20oC with the application of CoolRoof® coating.

We are a proud member of the US Green Building Council ( USGBC) which is committed to transforming the way Green Buildings are certified through third-party LEED verification system.

Indian Insulation and Engineering are Proprietors of Brand COOLROOF® Heat Reflective Paint and are committed to high-quality SRI Coating which is recommended by all types of Green Building rating systems as High SRI Roof Coatings.

These solar reflective Coatings are approved SRI coatings tested as per LEEDS, ASTM standards.

This product is a high Albedo coating of High quality and Eco-Friendly in nature which helps to reduce roof heat flux.


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