Cool Roof Paint

Cool Roof Paint (Cool Roof Coating) – Are you looking for the best Cool Roof Paint or Cool Roof Coating? If yes, then you can contact Indian Insulation and Engineering (IIE). IIE is the leading suppliers of Cool Roof Paint and Cool Roof Coating. We are providing High SRI premium quality coating that will prevent the roofing materials from getting heated up. We are known as India’s leading Heat reflective paint manufacture agency that is working in the industry for more than a decade and only company in India that give warranty on paint. Although, we are working with an aim to provide the best and top-quality services to the customers at a cost-effective price. Therefore, that is the reason, we are calling as No.1 Paint Manufacturer Company in India.

Reasons to choose our Cool Roof Paint and Cool Roof Coating

  1. Our solar reflecting coating reflects up to 95% of heat back to its source
  2. Moreover, our specialized heat coating low density, high strength and glass microspheres to keep your roof cool in the summer and warmer in the winter
  3. All our paint and coating provides 2 in 1 benefits for our client’s heat reflection as well as waterproofing
  4. All our services are utilized by many major agencies in domestically
  5. We are a provider of commercial Heat Reflective, Waterproofing and wall coatings
  6. All our products are available with a unique blend of expertise as well as rich knowledge that gives an impressive level of output to the customers
  7. All our services met with client’s satisfaction that has enabled us to create a benchmark in the competitive market

Cool Roof Paint

Heat Reflective Paint

Cool Roof Paint is a Heat Reflective Paint with high heat reflective index value SR1-112. Our solar Reflective Paint used natural-based technology, which increases its performance as well as life. Our experience and expertise in manufacturing the paint provide the best mixture for solar heat shelter, which are in the demand in industrial and commercial sectors.

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