Cool Coat

Cool Coat (Albedo Coating) – Indian Insulation and Engineering is manufacturing, exporting as well as service providing company. We are providing high-performance Cool Coat (Albedo Coating) products. Based in Punjab, Mohali, we provide tailor-made as well as affordable services for the industries and homes with innovative Nanotechnology. We have a decade of experience in the hardware industry and a provider of commercial Heat Reflective, Water Proofing and Albedo Coating). In addition, we are pioneers in the industry, we offer summer cool roof coating, weather roof coating as well as Heat Reflective Paint. We are the company who has introduced a solar reflective system for your industries as well as Residences.  However, the biggest issue ahead you are heating.  Now the greatest chance to sort out the issue is our Cool Coat.

Cool Coat – Albedo Coating

Cool Coat plays an important role when it is coated especially on the roofing substances. It reflects the sunlight and prevents roofing substances from the sun. Actually, it reflects the rays and keeps the roofing materials cool.

Benefits of Roof Coal Coat

  1. Your home, as well as office, remain at low temperature even under the massive sunlight heating conditions
  2. Cost-effective
  3. Your staff remains cool

Actually, it reduces the temperature by up to 40% and cut electricity cost up to 70%. Moreover, it also eliminates the requirements for sprinklers. Cool Coat Solar Reflective Paint has a proven ability to absorb 70% of infra-red rays and 80% of ultra-violet rays resulting in getting the temperature lower up to 10-15%.

Cool Coat

Heat Reflective Albedo Coating

Cool Roof Paint’s Cool Coat is the excellent coating choice for tile as well as concrete roofs. However, with all the benefits of Cool Roof Paint, It is giving you a guarantee to lower the temperature of your roof.

Benefits –

  1. Waterproof
  2. Color Resistant to chemicals, ultraviolet radiations
  3. Less VOC Formula
  4. Advanced cross-linking polymer chemistry

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